14.2.19 – GS – Quali Men´s

On our last working day at the WM we were allowed to go to the GS – Quali in Duved.
Sliding for these athletes and keeping the track in perfect condition is an honour
and a lot of fun for us.
The slope in Duved could in no way be compared to that in Are.
Relatively flat, many transitions and extremely wet and soft.

For us it was astonishing that no salt was used.
The athletes themselves said this was completely normal for a race in the FIS category 😉

With felt 120km/h wind the race was started.
Already after starting number 4 deep grooves and tracks were recognizable, which went out up to number 120 to tubs *g*.
You can only take your hat off to these athletes!
Lebanon still had to rent equipment because their skis were still wandering around somewhere.
Hubertus von Hohenlohe started with the last number in the first run and finished his run through.

Author: Andreas Mathais