Garmisch 2020 Ladys Week

The ladies’ week began  shitty
In the night of Monday, a storm on the Trögelhang destroyed the A-Netz.
With constant rain on Monday, the crew felt like they were in the washing machine with a full wash.

Tuesday – slight weather improvement
The rain had a massive impact on the Kandahar and we had to reposition a lot of the B-fences.

As in the previous week, a lot of fresh snow came from the sky and the Kandahar was opened again for the tourists.
All day long we shoveled back the A-nets that the rain had exposed.
From the early afternoon the snow groomers went into the slopes and in the evening there was a water program.

Thursday – no training today
Since no training was possible, we had the whole day to put the Kandahar in a state that should enable training on Friday and the races on the weekend.
The temperatures in the night reach -10 degrees and the water program should help to keep the slopes for the girls compact.
In some places, “something” was poured too much for my taste.

Already after the forerunners the piste broke in some places and so we had to repair these places in the evening with water and snow.
Due to the temperature fluctuations, the Eishang (the name guarantees quality) and Hell turned into an ice rink.

Saturday – Raceday Downhill
phuuu – Not only the racers had a hard time with the Kandahar.

Sunday – Super G
The Kandahar presented itself to the drivers and us a bit more icy.
But we also mastered this challenge * G *

Conclusion from 2 weeks Garmisch: Kandahar is not a playground 😉

Author: Andreas Mathais