09.02.19 – DH Men

Heavy snowfall and fog in the upper area made an early training from the original start
and therefore an „original descent“ unfortunately impossible.

On this day we also reached the limit of our capacity for the first time.
Due to the wind we were brought to the top by a caterpillar taxi and were allowed to „plow through“ ourselves in blind flight to the Super-G start.
15 – 20cm new snow in the runway must first be slipped out and then be removed from the crash areas.
For example, the wind blew up a hollow of up to 1m on the women’s track!

After some shifts of the starting time the race was started 15min before the deadline.
Since our „tour guide“ Hans Knaus celebrated his birthday on this day, we sang a Happy B-Day to Hans.
Visibly surprised he thanked him and „threw“ himself out of the starting gate.

In the evening we had a kitchen party in Bratlandsgarden with „Gerd Vader“ *g* (sorry Gerd)